In Brief: DocSOAP kit, a VM, Schema software and a Windows-Mac tool

* DocSOAP kit asks "Where does it hurt? -- Commerce One has posted an open-source, royalty free Web services and SOAP XML Development Kit. The DocSOAP XML development kit (DocSOAP XDK) is designed to allow users of advanced XML and SOAP tools to take advantage of Web services technology, particularly when used to handle the large business documents associated with e-commerce integration and the development of composite applications. The kit includes "UNIParser," an XML compiler that parses and validates XML documents and checks for compliance with their XML schema; "Xgen," an XML Java bean generator that generates Java beans to make it easier for Java programmers to manipulate XML documents without understanding XML; and "Document Framework APIs" that facilitate the efficient manipulation of XML documents through DOM, SAX and Bean interfaces. It is available at

* Royalty free, a VM comes this way -- Aonix announced today availability of the PERC clean-room JS2E-class VM with royalty-free licensing. Under the new licensing model, PERC is licensed royalty free by architecture with a single annual fee covering developer seats, maintenance, support and deployment rights.

* SchemaLogic says: 'Can't we share?' -- SchemaLogic has announced SchemaServer v2, software for sharing data structures and meta data terminology used by interconnected applications. Improved collaboration and security, including change notification, voting and consensus rules, mark the new release, as well as enhanced support for XML Schema, including import and generation of XSD schema formats, and customized reporting with user-extensible XML stylesheets.

* Windows and Mac development worlds collide -- Real Software Inc. has announced Realbasic 5 for Windows, a development tool that enables Windows users of all levels to create custom applications and compile them for both Windows and Macintosh. This heretofore Mac-centric tool now handles Windows-specific features such as ActiveX/COM, Registry access and Win32 API calls. Windows applications created with Realbasic do not require an installer or DLLs.


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