Guardians' Charter Draft: Oracle Is 'Conspicuously Neglecting' Java EE 8

The Java EE Guardians this week unveiled a public draft of their charter, and it's worth reading for anyone interested in the future of enterprise Java. The charter makes and supports the argument that Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) continues to be essential to the long-term health of the Java ecosystem, and then it lays out compelling evidence that Oracle is "conspicuously neglecting Java EE."


Posted by John K. Waters on May 6, 20160 comments

Jenkins 2.0 Goes Live

It's official: Jenkins 2.0 has arrived. Available today, this is the first major release of the open source continuous integration (CI) server in 10 years, and the excitement surrounding it is palpable. (Sorry, that was my Apple Watch telling me to stand up -- again.)


Posted by John K. Waters on April 26, 20160 comments

Avi Networks: Modernizing Application Services

The big news in the evolving container ecosystem this past week was Mesosphere's announcement that it will be open sourcing its flagship Data Center Operating System, rebranded as DC/OS. (The company will also offer a commercial Enterprise version.) Among the long list of companies partnering with Mesosphere on DC/OS beta is a startup called Avi Networks, which got my attention at the Container World 2016 conference.


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Jenkins 2.0 Is Almost Here

To describe the 2.0 release of the Jenkins continuous integration (CI) server as long-awaited would be the understatement of the decade -- which is literally how long Jenkins has been a 1.0 release. Really. Ten years.

"I don't know if it's the longest 1.0 release in history," CloudBees CEO Sacha Labourey told me during a recent visit to Silicon Valley, "but it's got to be close."


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Java EE Evangelist Rahman Leaves Oracle, Forms 'Java EE Guardians'

The list of Java evangelists exiting Oracle got a little longer this month when Reza Rahman announced that he would be leaving the company. But Rahman is not going quietly. In a personal blog post, he stated that he left because of his growing skepticism about Oracle's stewardship of enterprise Java, which he said was "independently shared by the ever vigilant Java EE community outside Oracle."


Posted by John K. Waters on March 22, 20160 comments

App Dev Trends Event Joins Live! 360 Orlando

You know how I'm always banging on about how we need a technology-agnostic conference focused on the challenges facing the makers and maintainers of the purpose-designed software that drives organizations in virtually every industry in the world -- in other words, the readers of Application Development Trends? Well, it turns out, the organizers of the enormously popular Live! 360 conference agree with me. (Or maybe they just got tired of the noise.)


Posted by John K. Waters on March 18, 20160 comments

Typesafe Is Now Lightbend

There are few trickier tasks in business -- any business -- than changing a company's name. There are branding issues, legal complications, marketing considerations. Just ask the folks at Lightbend, formerly Typesafe, who have been going through the process for months, and today announced its new moniker.


Posted by John K. Waters on February 23, 20160 comments

2016 Dev Predictions, Part 3: Mainstream Microservices, Reactive Streams and Containers-as-a-Service

I know, it's February, but I reached out to a lot of smart people last month for their thoughts on what lies ahead for enterprise developers in 2016 -- more than I could squeeze into parts 1 and 2. In addition to industry analysts, I connected with some of the thoughtful execs I spoke with last year.


Posted by John K. Waters on February 16, 20160 comments

Oracle To Deprecate the Java Plug-in in Java 9

News that Oracle Corp. plans to deprecate the Java browser plug-in in JDK 9 prompted a rousing chorus of "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead" from the Internet last week. But the news came as no surprise. A growing number of browser vendors have either stopped supporting the plug-in or announced plans to do so. (Flash and Silverlight, too.)


Posted by John K. Waters on February 1, 20160 comments