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Zoom Releases New Video SDK

Zoom, the cloud-based video conferencing platform, has released new software development kits that allow devs to leverage the platform's HD video, audio, and interactive features to build video-based apps with native user interfaces.

Fourth Annual Call for Code Challenges Developers to Tackle 'Existential Threat of Climate Change'

The 4th annual Call for Code Global Challenge, which invites software developers from around the world to create open-source solutions to combat climate change, got underway this week.

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Eclipse Jetty 11 Lays the Foundation for Cloud Native Java

The Eclipse Foundation announced the release of the Eclipse Jetty 11 Java web server and servlet container, which is fully compatible with the Jakarta EE 9 Servlet specifications.

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Sonatype Unveils NextGen Nexus Platform

Sonatype expands the latest version of its Nexus platform to offer "full-spectrum control of the cloud-native software development lifecycle."

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Oracle Updates Autonomous Data Warehouse

Oracle announced enhancements to its Autonomous Data Warehouse this week aimed at data analysts, data scientists, and line-of-business users.


Java in VS Code Devs Get a New Welcome Page with Features Tour

The team supporting developers using the Java in Visual Studio Code editor has added a new Welcome Page to its support website that includes a new tour of important features.

GrammaTech Partners with GitLab to Add Shift-Left Capabilities to the CI/CD Pipeline

GrammaTech today announced a technology partnership with GitLab to integrate the GrammaTech CodeSonar Static Application Security Testing solution with GitLab's Ultimate DevSecOps platform.

Veracode Launches 'Hacker Games' to Test Student Cybersecurity Skills

Application Security Testing solutions provider Veracode today announced the launch of a two-week collegiate competition designed to challenge student teams in the U.S. and the U.K. to test their secure coding skills.

Java 16 Goes GA on March 16 Includes 17 Enhancements

The general availability release of Java 16, set for March 16, comes with a long list of new features.

Microsoft Empowers "Citizen Developers" with Low-Code Power Platform Enhancements

Microsoft is upping its low-code development game with new capabilities across its Power Platform bundle.

NWS JFrog Enables Native Deployment of DevOps on AWS GovCloud and Azure Government Clouds

JFrog Artifactory and Xray are now available with native deployment templates for customers using AWS GovCloud and Azure Government clouds.

Microsoft Updates Java for Azure Spring Cloud

Microsoft continued to beef up its support for Java developers in both the cloud and its popular, open source, cross-platform code editor, Visual Studio Code (VS Code) with new updates to Azure Spring Cloud.

Desktop Version of Mabl's Low-Code Automated Testing Tool Released in Beta

Mabl, a Boston based provider of low-code testing tools, today announced the beta release of a desktop version of its test automation application for APIs and mobile web browsers.

Checkmarx Unveils New Open Source IaC Scanning Engine

Software security solutions provider Checkmarx today launched a new open-source static analysis tool designed to allow developers to write more secure infrastructure-as-code.

Databricks Partnership Enables 'Lakehouse' on Google Cloud

Databricks is partnering with Google Cloud to enable the deployment of its namesake data engineering solution with yet another leading cloud provider.

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Netflix Open Sources GraphQL for Spring Boot

Netflix has open sourced its Domain Graph Service (DGS) framework for standalone and federated GraphQL services.

JDK 16 Now in Second Release Candidate Phase

JDK 16 is now in the Second Release Candidate Phase (RC2) and on track for an early March release.


Microsoft Releases Public Preview of its Graph Java SDK v3

Microsoft releases a public preview of its Graph Java/Android SDK.


New Relic Advances its 'Full Stack Observability' Mission

New Relic introduced a new tool in its evolving observability product portfolio, part of the company's "reimagined full-stack observability experience."

Rust Foundation Founded to Steward Popular Mozilla-born Language

The up-and-coming programming language, Rust, gained a kind of official status this week with the formation of the Rust Foundation, an independent non-profit steward of the open-source language and ecosystem.