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WinHEC: Keynote Spotlights Windows 7 Device Connectivity

At the WinHEC keynote, Microsoft told developers how Windows 7 will make it easier to integrate device drivers and provide an improved user experience.

Microsoft Rolls Out Services Connector CTP

Microsoft has introduced a new Windows server component to seamlessly connect Active Directory users to Microsoft-based services and other services residing in the Internet cloud.

Microsoft To Add Smooth Streaming in IIS7

The technology helps throttle bandwidth in streaming media, with a beta release expected early next year.

OASIS Forms ODF Interop Committee

Group seeks better interoperability and conformance for office-suite XML document format standard.

PDC: Microsoft Office To Be Available as a Service

A technical preview of lightweight hosted Microsoft Office apps is planned for sometime this year.

PDC: HP Startup Tests Windows Azure Cloud Platform

An online startup company migrated some of its operations into the cloud by using Microsoft Windows Azure services.

PDC: Office Communications Server Gains New Developer Hooks

Office Communications Server 2007 R2 is out for private beta testing, but Microsoft is planning some new capabilities.

Microsoft Joins Standards Effort on Ubiquitous Messaging

The company will add its efforts toward developing the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol open standard.

PDC: Microsoft's Cloud-Based SQL Services Redefined

Microsoft is evolving its strategy for relational data services in the cloud.

PDC: Visual Studio 2010 CTP Adds Parallel Computing Tools

The latest version of Visual Studio features help for developers with parallel computing apps.

PDC: First Look at Live Mesh and Live Framework

Microsoft announced it will make Live Mesh available as a beta this week, while Live Framework is now available as a CTP.

PDC: Microsoft Outlines Windows 7, Slew of New Dev Technologies

Microsoft today articulated how it will bridge PCs and mobile devices with an extraordinary blitz of announcements that included the first demonstration of Windows 7, its Live Framework, a bevy of new offerings for developers including WPF support for Visual Studio, and the first preview of Office 14.

PDC: Microsoft Releases Geneva Beta

Microsoft on Monday released the first beta of its federated identity services framework aimed at simplifying the way enterprises deploy authentication services.

PDC: Microsoft Calls New Cloud Computing OS a 'Turning Point' for Company

New service-based operating system is called Windows Azure.

Skytap To Demo Cloud Lab at Microsoft's PDC Event

The service lets developers create testing environments on the fly.

Microsoft Weathers Bad Economy in Its First Quarter

The company met or exceeded its guidance for the quarter, but reduced economic prospects lie ahead.

Open Ajax Alliance Offers New IDE and Mashup Tools

OpenAjax Hub 1.1 among debuts at this week's AjaxWorld RIA Conference & Expo.

Sync Framework: It's Still at Version 1.0

Microsoft didn't update its synchronization platform, despite a slight tweak.

First Look: OpenOffice.org 3.0

The Microsoft Office alternative is getting better, little by little.

Ballmer Drops Hints About Windows 7, Cloud Computing

Microsoft is gearing up to describe a few of its cutting-edge software technologies in late October.

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