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Web PI Gains XP, Windows 2003 Support

Microsoft added additional support for its own products with new Web Platform Installer.

Researchers Find Vista Kernel Memory Security Bug

The problem seems to be a proof-of-concept exploit that has not affected Microsoft's customers.

ISO - IEC Publishes Office Open XML Standard

ISO/IEC on Tuesday published the Office Open XML (OOXML) file format standard, formally known as ISO/IEC 29500:2008.

ISO/IEC Publishes Office Open XML Standard

The international standard for document formats, based on Microsoft's OOXML, has been released.

IE8 Release Candidate Coming on 1Q 2009

Microsoft wants to get technical-community feedback before releasing its latest Web browser next year.

'IP Peace of Mind' Year 2 for Microsoft-Novell

Microsoft and Novell marked the two-year anniversary of their controversial Linux patent agreement.

Microsoft Demos New SQL Server Features at PASS

Microsoft has previewed the ability to centrally manage applications and resources in the planned upgrade of SQL Server, code-named "Kilimanjaro."

Microsoft Sues To Protect Visual Studio Users

Redmond is contesting claims made by WebXchange after it sued three companies over alleged patent violations.

Microsoft Unveils Exchange and SharePoint as Services

Microsoft rolled out Exchange Online and SharePoint Online as services now available in the U.S. market.

Microsoft Rolls Out Windows Live Services, Silk Road Project

Redmond updated some services and released a beta of a search customization tool for Web site developers.

Microsoft Exec Describes Azure Services Vision

Treadwell illuminates Microsoft's services platform.

Azure Adds Risk to Microsoft's Business Model

Azure amounts to Microsoft's "most significant coordinated shift in strategy" since it got come-to-the-Internet religion in 1995.

November's Patch Addresses Two Windows App Exploits

Remote code execution vulnerabilities in Windows applications get addressed.

Tech-Ed Barcelona: Visual Studio 2010 News Amid VS 2008 Price Cuts

More details about planned features in VS 2010 are coming to light as Microsoft slashes pricing on different versions of VS 2008 by as much as 30 percent.

Microsoft Offers Security Dev Lifecycle Solutions

The company has outlined security best practices in tools and models for application developers.

WinHEC: Windows Server 2008 R2 Pushes Processor Limits

The latest Windows Server technology from Microsoft expands logical processor support for mission-critical enterprise computing.

Only 2 Fixes Expected on Patch Tuesday

IT pros can expect one of the lightest Patch Tuesdays in recent memory this month as Redmond indicated there would only be two patches -- one critical, one important.

Ballmer Stumps for Azure Down Under

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer gave a rousing endorsement of cloud development in Australia today at a Live Web Rally event entitled Liberation Day.

Microsoft: 'Geneva' Will Help Change Access Paradigm

Microsoft leads claims-based access with new platform.

Inside Microsoft's Network Identity Framework

As Microsoft gets set to deliver its cloud-based services centered on the Windows Azure platform and Live Framework, the company's new identity management roadmap will be the key to addressing concerns about security and authentication.

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