Both Sides Now to Business Intelligence

For a number of reasons, enterprises are doing far less building and much more buying today. The consequences of this transition have blurred a once-clear ROI picture.

Collaboration Tools Go the Distance

Software development managers have discovered that the right tools and techniques can make globally dispersed teams nearly as effective as under-one-roof, traditional teams.

Hunter Dickinson Finds Security with Cirond

Employees at Hunter Dickinson clamored for wireless capability so they could easily work from its worldwide offices in South Africa, Tibet, Mexico, Chile and Canada. But Hunter Dickinson’s Anthony Maw was leery about implementing wireless capability in the company’s infrastructure.

Security, Computer Crimes Still Bane of IT

Robert Richardson is the editorial director of the Computer Security Institute, which provides training to computer, information and network security professionals. A recent survey by CSI, along with the FBI’s Computer Intrusion Squad, focused on computer crimes and security. During an interview with ADT, Richardson examines how companies are tackling these issues.


App developers saw the largest jump in salaries compared to other IT staff positions covered in the survey for the second year in a row.


Java tools undergo an extreme makeover... Thanks to the influence of Eclipse's open-source tooling platform, the new face of the Java IDE will resemble a lean plug-in environment rather than the traditional feature-stuffed tool suite.

Tech They Miss

Technology evolves, and old tech fades away. But sometimes good tech gets replaced by something altogether worse, and gets sorely missed.

Companies Finally See Value in BI

Jonathan Wu is senior principal with Knightsbridge Solutions, where he advises customers about business intelligence and data warehousing. The firm recently issued a survey, declaring companies are finally taking BI seriously. During an interview with ADT, Wu examines these reasons.

Embedded App Dev at the Crossroads

Some enterprises are developing hybrid, or interdependent, applications that have both conventional (client desktop) and embedded (mobile or wireless) components.

Real Time Is the Right Time

Evolving business demands and ever-more capable technology are conspiring to rewrite the once-straightforward definitions that used to describe data warehousing.

Information Lifecycle Management Lives, Finally

Enterprises must first classify their data and then store it according to value, risk and the likelihood the information will be needed in a hurry.


Businesses are relying on data visualization software to wring greater value from their data, get a better handle on their operations, satisfy customers and stave off competitors.

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