Catching Up

McNealy cuts a ribbon; Yahoo hacks itself; Open source mavens hold forth

Alert-Free Ajax Debugging

Firefox extension takes the pain out of debugging your web applications.

Prototype.js Developer Notes

Sometimes just the bare facts are exactly what's needed to get the job done.

A Good Day for Hobbyists and Corporate Developers Alike

Apache Derby could do for Java 6 what Jet did for Visual Basic

Welcome to the Post-Gates Era

What happens to the world's largest software company when the man behind the Redmond machine is ready for other things?

Cookie-Cutter Photoshop Tutorials

These tutorials reminded me that geeks (like me) are aesthetically challenged by nature.

Top-Level Domains in Danger of Veering Off Course

Why .txt and .mobi are terrible ideas

Nobody's Neutral on Net Neutrality

This debate could use a little B-movie pragmatism.

VMware Shifts the Virtualization Playing Field to Management

The market monster marks another milestone.

Large-scale Projects in the Health Sector Really Can Succeed

Brazilian IT project proves that national healthcare systems don’t necessarily have to fail.

Rube Goldberg would be proud

Excellent website provides a daily dose of programming hell.

The reality of virtualization

As the business world catches on to virtualization, its value beyond hardware consolidation may surprise enterprise users.

Show-Me State first to integrate with Global Justice XML Data Model

Although Missouri's initiative to integrate its court systems is still underway, the show-me state is probably ahead of the national curve based on the sheer scale of its XML data exchange project.

Application security comes under attack

There's a renewed focus on application security, but experts say most enterprises still don't have a handle on how to go about fortifying their apps. That's partly because getting control of the app-dev lifecycle to add security measures is just plain tough.

New ways to police the enterprise

More important than ever, intrusion detection and prevention systems offer new ways to reduce data overload and false alarms.

Options on demand

Enterprises use utility computing, Software-as-a-Service and other on-demand models to ply new markets, serve customers and use IT resources more efficiently.

The SOA-wise enterprise

All the fanfare about service-oriented architectures falls short when IT teams still learn the hard way on these projects. Best practices are emerging, but some analysts say it's too soon to rely on early lessons.