Thinkpiece: Think before pushing development offshore

Sending software development offshore is what everyone wants to do, but sometimes it's not the right way to go.

Tools to Master the Sarbanes-Oxley Challenge

Although there are many products designed to help enterprises comply with fed regs, analysts warn that most are incomplete and do not do enough to reduce complexity.

Traveling at a Zillion Events Per Second

SIMs collect raw data from security-related software and systems, correlate it, aggregate it and then present it in a way that makes it actionable.

Codejockeys Assess the Risks and Rewards of Next-gen SQL Server

Microsoft says SQL Server 2005 is its most developer-friendly RDBMS ever, with improved integration via Visual Studio .NET and support for the .NET framework. Some skeptics say Microsoft is courting disaster.

Enterprise Modernization: New Life for Old Apps

Sprucing up legacy apps with a new look and feel using SOA or Web services, rather than replacing them, can provide value for years to come.