Where’s Your E-mail?

Beset by an onslaught of corporate governance mandates, SEC regulations and a more litigious environment, managers are wrestling with how best to search and archive their e-mail.

Migrate J2EE Applications for EJB 3.0

The EJB 3.0 programming model has been simplified significantly. Learn migration approaches that help ferret out difficult issues you're likely to face when migrating J2EE apps.

Analysis Paralysis and Tunnel Vision

Analysis paralysis is a term used to describe the state that a team lapses into when their analysis effort just doesn't progress because they're stuck creating overly precise UML diagrams, and arguing repeatedly over whether to use "includes" or "extends" on their use case diagrams. In some ways it could be seen as the opposite to the desired.

Data at Your Fingertips

Futuristic human data couriers could become real quite soon, though the reality isn't as glamorous as one might have hoped.