Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) News & Articles

Microsoft Unleashes Tool For Web Developers

Web App Installer centralized management of ASP.NET and PHP-based open source Web apps.

Microsoft Promises To Improve UAC in Windows 7

A rethink of the security feature will happen with Microsoft's next OS, expected in late 2009, at earliest.

NSA Posts Secrets to Writing Secure Code

Tokeener case study serves as an example of writing low-defect, highly-reliable code, researchers claim.

11 Fixes Expected for Patch Tuesday

IT admins will see nearly a dozen security fixes on Tuesday, according to Microsoft.

Panelists Praise Vista Performance, Despite the 'Pain'

A Microsoft talk fielded expert opinions on Vista upgrades and how system performance is affected.

SQL Server 2008 Hits High Mark, Minus the Competition

Microsoft's database management system did well on the TPC-E processing test, but the competition doesn't use that benchmark.

Windows 7 Bits To Be Released at PDC'08

A pre-beta of Microsoft's newest operating system will be available in late October at the developer event.

Microsoft To Expand Security Lifecycle Expertise

New Security Development Lifecycle tools and services will be available in November.

Ranorex Studio Automates Testing Tasks

Testing tools vendor Ranorex's new automated application-testing solution supports C#, VB.NET, Python and C++ languages.

The Upside of ALM

Why software development as a repeatable business process may work for you.

Google's Chrome Browser Contains Microsoft Code

The newly launched Web browser uses Microsoft's Windows Template Library, and other open source code.

First Look: IE8 Beta 2 -- Catching Up With Firefox

Internet Explorer's usability has improved with the latest beta version.

Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2

The latest beta includes features designed to match user 'flow' while surfing the Web, says the IE8 dev team.

UPDATED: Microsoft Tool Helps Filter SQL Injection Attacks

UrlScan 3.0, a security add-on to Microsoft's IIS Web server, is now available in its Release-to-Web version.

Microsoft-Novell Linux Deal To Grow by $100M

Microsoft plans to invest further in its Novell SuSE Linux interop deal.

Coverity Offers Java Code Readiness Service

The new tool is designed to help managers assess code quality before it's shipped.

Q&A: Dev Options in UNA's Collaborative IDE

N-BRAIN's exec talks about the integration of mixins and plug-ins in the company's new collaborative development tool.

Linux Application Checker Brings Distro Help

The Linux Foundation released Beta 3 of a utility that helps ensure applications will work across multiple Linux flavors.

Subversion SCM Tool Gets Update

CollabNet releases Subversion 1.5, an updated version of its open source software-configuration management tool.

iTKO Enhances SOA Test Solution With LISA 4.5

The solution is designed to simulate architectural dependencies and test SOA components.

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