EMA/CXP Research Report: The Changing Role of the Service Desk in the Age of Cloud and Agile

IT Service Management (ITSM) is in a clear state of transition, just as IT is itself undergoing a significant transformation in role and requirements. Many of these pressures for change center in the “consumerization of IT” – as IT services increasingly need to support a more technology savvy, demanding, and diverse set of service consumers. In the midst of all this, the role of the service desk as a center of governance, facilitation, communication and active interactions is, needless to say, also changing. An effective service desk can no longer be a separate kingdom devoted to reigning in operations and providing a primarily reactive foundation for dealing with customer complaints. As this research shows, service desks are undergoing pressures to become more diverse and better integrated across a wide range of technologies in which automation, mobility and enhanced visibility and analytic insights can more proactively complement and inform on traditional ITSM processes.

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