Your First Five Steps for Test Automation

Date: Thursday, September 18, 2014, at 2:00 p.m. ET / 11:00 a.m. PT


Increasing automated testing continues to be the number one goal for many test teams, but the debate on how to do it right rages on. If you are either considering adding more test automation or are just starting out, this session has information you’ll need.

During this live webcast you’ll be hearing from George Gomez, who automated regression testing for more than 40 systems at the Lower Colorado River Authority, dropping support incident rates from 40% to nearly zero. Joining him is Ashwin Ashok, an automation expert that has successfully guided test automation for hundreds of companies. George and Ashwin will share how they went about starting their automation projects and discuss their challenges—along with the lessons learned.

In this event you’ll learn:

  • How to establish the right targets and timelines
  • How to recognize low-hanging automation fruit
  • What to avoid and why

About the Presenters:
Ashwin Ashok

Ashwin Ashok

Sr. Business and Systems Analyst (SIIA)
With three years of software industry experience as a Quality Assurance Analyst and more than 2 years of experience as a business analyst, Ashwin is well-versed in the challenges of the QA and IT world. His work at Automation Anywhere has led to cutting costs and improving productivity for hundreds of companies of all sizes, having analyzed business requirements and implemented automation solutions that benefit end users and the organization as a whole. Prior to joining Automation Anywhere, Ashwin held software engineering and technical positions at The University of San Francisco, Wipro Technologies, and Genosys Life Technologies.
George Gomez

George Gomez

IT QA/QC Senior Analyst
George Gomez and his team support and verify around 40 systems for the organization, spanning from archaic legacy systems to modern cloud applications. LCRA is a government organization that delivers water and power services to millions of people across 61 counties in central and southern Texas. His previous role involved not just implementing IT systems at a medical clinic, but directing the medical clinic’s operations, and essentially being the customer of those systems. As such, George has a unique perspective on how IT concerns translate to business users and vice-versa.

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