Avoiding the Most Common Defects in C# Code – Featuring Eric Lippert

Date: Tuesday, July 15, 2014, 8:30 am PT / 11:30 am ET

Threading issues, resource leaks, null dereferences, oh my! C# is designed to be a safer programming language than C, yet developers are still getting themselves into trouble with these all too common issues.

Please join Eric Lippert and Kristin Brennan as they discuss advances in semantic analysis and key tips and tricks for eliminating the most common defects in C# code. In this webinar they will discuss:

  • New advances in static analysis for C#
  • How to avoid the 3 most common types of crash causing C# defects
  • Tips for eliminating the simple but critical issues – including Eric’s favorite checker
  • Best practices for running static analysis from the desktop

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About the Presenters
Eric Lippert is an expert in C# and architect at Coverity where he works on the C# analysis team. Prior to joining Coverity in January, 2013, Eric spent 16 years at Microsoft and was most recently a principal developer on the C# compiler team focused on Roslyn and a member of the C# language design team.

Kristin Brennan is the senior director of product marketing at Coverity. Kristin has over 15 years of technology marketing experiences with expertise in development testing, static analysis and automation.