How Business Analysis is Essential for Agile Success

Myths abound regarding the role of business analysis in Agile projects. Some people believe analysis is ignored, deferred, or even unnecessary. Others think business analysis occurs spontaneously inside a delivery cycle, without planning or pre-work. Still, others assume that if you're doing Agile, you don't need requirements or documentation. In truth and in practice, business analysis—focused, structured, and disciplined—is essential for successful Agile product delivery, whether your team is small or large, distributed or co-located. In this web seminar Agile business analysis expert Mary Gorman makes the case that business analysis is your key for:

  • Discovering product options
  • Collaborating to create Agile plans
  • Conversing daily about what to deliver
  • Adapting your product with each delivery cycle to respond to changes in business needs
  • Maintaining a constant flow of business value

Join in as Mary debunks the myths and reveals the realities surrounding Agile business analysis and how it is actually crucial to your product and team's success

Duration: 1 Hour