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Marketing and Selling Mobile Apps: A 101 Primer

Mobile analytics vendor offers developers tips and tricks for making money on your smartphone applications.

Eclipse-Based GUI Builder Supports New GWT Designer Features

Instantiations' GWT Designer 7.5 is designed to allow developers to take advantage of recent Google Web Toolkit (GWT 2.0) enhancements.

IDE 101: 5 Open Source Web Development Tools -- Vim and Its Kin

Catch up on these IDE options for Web development that you might not know you had.

Microsoft Releases IE 9 Preview 2

Microsoft released the second platform preview of Internet Explorer 9 for review by testers.

Red Hat and Drupal Announce New Support/Training Offerings

Red Hat announces support for Red Hat Cloud Access; Drupal offers training for its open source "social publishing system."

VMware, Salesforce Partner To Build Java Dev Platform in the Cloud

VMware and Salesforce.com have joined forces to build VMforce, a platform for building and running Java applications in the cloud.

Developers Rank Microsoft .NET Ahead of Google and Other Frameworks

Evans Data conducted a global survey of 425 developers earlier this month to find out their overall satisfaction with software frameworks and Web platforms.

Agile Management Tool Released

Goda Software last month released Scrum Spec 10.0, a project management tool specifically tailored for Agile development.

Apache Cassandra Release 0.6 Brings Hadoop Support

The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) has released version 0.6 of the Apache Cassandra open-source distributed database.

IDC: Oracle Faces Host of Java Challenges

According to analysts at IDC, Oracle losing the "Father of Java" James Gosling this week is the least of Oracle's Java challenges.

5 Cloud Platforms You Don't Know About (But Should)

Don't just consider the "big boys" when determining your cloud computing partner -- many vendors have a lot to offer. Here's five up-and-coming platforms to add to your consideration list.

Google Launches Free SkipFish Tool for Web App Security

Last week Google released SkipFish, a no-cost, open source "security reconnaissance tool" for Web-based applications.

Red Hat Updates JBoss Dev Tools, SOA Platform

Red Hat showed off the latest incarnation of its JBoss Developer Studio IDE at the annual EclipseCon developer conference, underway this week in Santa Clara.

Eclipse Foundation Approves Gemini, Virgo Projects

The Eclipse Foundation has given a thumbs up to two new projects under the Eclipse Runtime (RT) project.

EclipseCon: Oracle Pushes Java Modularization

Two Oracle execs kicked off the annual EclipseCon conference with a keynote focusing on the future of Java under the stewardship of Oracle.

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