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First Look: Google Chrome

Chrome has the makings of a good, lightweight browser, but it still lacks a few important features.

Security Concerns May Slow Cloud Computing Adoption

Microsoft may have reaffirmed its commitment to cloud computing with the launch of its Windows Azure operating system, but overall business adoption of the cloud concept may be stymied, in part, by security issues.

PDC: Microsoft Releases Geneva Beta

Microsoft on Monday released the first beta of its federated identity services framework aimed at simplifying the way enterprises deploy authentication services.

Off-Cycle Microsoft Patch Targets Worm-Like Windows Bug

Redmond on Thursday released a critical out-of-cycle security patch affecting Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 systems.

Fake Microsoft Security Update Makes Rounds

Sophos quickly warns of fake Trojan-laden e-mail disguised as Microsoft Security Bulletin update hitting inboxes.

Busy October Patch Cycle Comes Around with 11 Fixes

Security-minded admins have their work cut out for them, as Microsoft coughs up 11 fixes in its October patch cycle.

Microsoft Promises To Improve UAC in Windows 7

A rethink of the security feature will happen with Microsoft's next OS, expected in late 2009, at earliest.

Fortinet Helps DBAs Sniff Out DB Exploits

New security appliance gives DBAs a leg up on flaws and vulnerabilities lurking in corporate database management systems.

NSA Posts Secrets to Writing Secure Code

Tokeener case study serves as an example of writing low-defect, highly-reliable code, researchers claim.

11 Fixes Expected for Patch Tuesday

IT admins will see nearly a dozen security fixes on Tuesday, according to Microsoft.

UPDATED: Browser-Makers Seek Clickjacking Fix

Researchers found a browser security issue that could let hackers gain access to user profiles.

Card Use Can Stem ID Theft, Microsoft Says

Microsoft is promoting the use of software-based "information cards" to reduce identity theft.

Microsoft To Expand Security Lifecycle Expertise

New Security Development Lifecycle tools and services will be available in November.

SQL Injection Attack Hits Magazine Site

BusinessWeek's Web site was hit at the back end through SQL injection.

SQL Injection Attack Hits BusinessWeek Site

Security firm Sophos disclosed on Monday that BusinessWeek magazine's Web site had been hacked.

Privacy Uncertain With New IE8 Feature

A "suggested sites" feature in Internet Explorer 8 sends information to Microsoft, but it's not retained, Redmond contends.

Google's Chrome Browser Contains Microsoft Code

The newly launched Web browser uses Microsoft's Windows Template Library, and other open source code.

September Patch To Fix Windows GDI Exploit and More

Microsoft's Patch Tuesday release contains four critical security fixes.

Security Exploits to Google Chrome Browser Emerge

Two proof-of-concept bugs were identified in Google's new Chrome Web browser, which uses WebKit open source code.

Patch Tuesday To Address Four Critical Issues

Microsoft plans to address remote code execution vulnerabilities in next Tuesday's security patch.

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