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Milestone Release of GWT 2.2 Now Available

The first milestone release of the 2.2 version of Google Plugin for Eclipse (GPE) is now available for download.

Devs: Android Catching up to iPad

In a manner similar to its growth in the smartphone arena, Google's mobile OS, Android, is gaining ground quickly on Apple's iOS, which powers the iPhone and iPad devices.

Oracle Nominates User Group To Fill Apache's JCP Seat

Oracle has nominated a Brazilian Java User Group to fill the vacancy recently left by the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) on the Java Community Process executive committee.

Future of Java 'Constrained by Oracle's Business Model,' Analysts Say

The future of Java under the stewardship of Oracle will be shaped by that company's business model, say Forrester Research analysts.

Mueller Defends Java Android Code Claims; Analysts Weigh In

A headline-grabbing claim of the discovery of new evidence supporting Oracle's allegation that Google infringed on copyrights related to the Java Platform in its Android mobile operating system sparked a hot debate in the blogosphere over the weekend.

Initial Code for OpenJDK for Mac OS X Published 

Apple's decision in November to join Oracle and IBM in supporting the OpenJDK project to provide a Java SE 7 implementation on Mac OS X bore fruit this week.

Google Dropping H.264 Codec Support in Chrome

Google announced on Tuesday that it plans to support open video codecs in its Chrome Web browser going forward, and it will drop support for the H.264 video codec.

Open Source Java ESB Upgrade Adds DevOps, Cloud Features

Mule ESB 3.1 adds new orchestration features, a new management console and new collaborative capabilities.

Oracle's MySQL 5.5 Release Aimed at the Web

Last month's general availability of Oracle's MySQL 5.5 is a significant release.

Analysts on Apache Quitting JCP: 'A Very Big Deal,' 'Oracle Is the Loser'

The Apache Software Foundation recently made good on its threat to quit the Executive Committee (EC) of the Java Community Process (JCP). According to analysts, this could end up being the beginning of the end of the JCP.

New Tool Suite for Maven-Centric Java Development Released

Sonatype today released an integrated development suite for Maven-centric Java development featuring Maven, Nexus Professional, Hudson and m2eclipse, plus integration with Maven Central.

Apple Joins Oracle, IBM on OpenJDK

Apple announced on Friday plans to work with Oracle on the OpenJDK project to provide a Java SE 7 implementation on Mac OS X.

Apache To Battle Oracle over Future of Java

The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) said Tuesday it will quit the Java Community Process (JCP) if Oracle doesn't lift usage restrictions it has imposed on Java and truly support the open-source status of the technology.

CollabNet Further Embraces Cloud with Codesion Acquisition

CollabNet made a self-described "aggressive move" into cloud-based developer services recently by announcing it is acquiring Codesion, which hosts software version control services such as Subversion.

IBM and Oracle To Collaborate on OpenJDK; Future of Harmony in Doubt

Oracle and IBM Monday announced plans to work together on the OpenJDK project "to improve the rate and pace of innovation" in the Java community. But will Apache's Harmony be a casualty of the collaboration?

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