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Briefing: TestArchitect 2.0

TestArchitect 2.0 is a product for organizing your testing efforts - but it's also the embodiment of a philosophy of testing. I chatted for a while with the folks at LogiGear about this release, and here's my take on what's going on.

Achieve Optimal Performance

Response time and scalability are key to optimal performance of your enterprise's applications. Set expectations and provide analysis tools to help you achieve performance goals.

Compuware partnerships to drive CARS

Compuware has partnered with Spherion Corp. and Sogeti USA to advance its offering of QA tools and consulting packaged as the Compuware Application Reliability Solution, says Gery Plourde, CARS director.

Special Report: Mercury aims higher

After winning the early test tool battle, Mercury takes on industry giants in systems software. Can it maintain focus as it grows?

Sun hopes test kit will spread J2EE gospel

In an effort to help application developers to "help themselves," Sun has released a free test kit designed to verify whether an application is J2EE-compatible.

Plugging into SarbOx

Government regulations seek to enforce best practices, and IT development managers must respond. The Sarbanes-Oxley act is like sensible shoes -- with teeth. If corporate governance is here, will better IT governance follow?

SOAPtest bubbles up

With its ability to automatically generate relevant testing scenarios, SOAPtest is the perfect counterpart for developing enterprise-class Web service apps.

A sampling of automated testing tools

A sampling of recently released automated testing tools

Are automated test tools for real?

For Charles Schwab, testing has long passed the "fad" stage to become convention in the IT unit; some observers caution users to beware of overpromises.

Notes from the PocketPC Front

In which the intrepid reporter undertakes a few weeks of development using the .NET Compact Framework, and lives to tell of it.

DB design and app development: Why can't we be friends?

Increasingly, the barriers between development and data are blurring, and the designer often acts as the focal point of communication between the two camps. Useful tools are only part of the equation when pursuing success.

Is RUP right for small teams?

Many programmers feel that the Rational Unified Process (RUP) is too rigid and structured for small development projects. Proponents of agile and extreme programming have similar concerns. To answer these criticisms, we speak with Gary Pollice and Liz Augustine, two authors of the recently released book "Software Development for Small Teams: A RUP-Centric Approach."

Sanctum and Mercury integrate security, QA tools

Web application security software vendor Sanctum Inc., Santa Clara, Calif., has announced a partnership with Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Mercury Interactive Corp. to integrate security testing tools into the QA environment.

Update: Sun opts out of Eclipse - Updates NetBeans

Sun cited technical and organizational differences over the use of its own open source IDE framework, NetBeans, among its reasons for opting out of the Eclipse project.

Telelogic embeds task-based CM in Visual Studio .NET

Telelogic is now positioned to further spread Synergy, the company's task-based CM tool, as it is newly available in an embedded version for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET.

OMG at work on legacy transform spec

The Object Management Group’s (OMG) Legacy Transformation PSIG plans to release a set of standards for transforming legacy software.

SOAP test: A guided tour

As developers look to SOAP-oriented Web services to do more, ensuring app quality becomes more difficult. Can test tool advances keep up?

Test brief: Conversation with Linda Hayes

In requirements management, as in most development projects, testing tends to be the forgotten stepsister.

Requirements required

Though much-maligned, requirements management becomes more important as IT turns to incremental development; effective communication still key to success.

Review: RMTrack

RMTrack provides a customizable ASP.NET system for bug-tracking in the browser. You can change everything right down to the workflow with ease.

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