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Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) News & Articles

Telelogic embeds task-based CM in Visual Studio .NET

Telelogic is now positioned to further spread Synergy, the company's task-based CM tool, as it is newly available in an embedded version for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET.

Update: Sun opts out of Eclipse - Updates NetBeans

Sun cited technical and organizational differences over the use of its own open source IDE framework, NetBeans, among its reasons for opting out of the Eclipse project.

OMG at work on legacy transform spec

The Object Management Group’s (OMG) Legacy Transformation PSIG plans to release a set of standards for transforming legacy software.

Test brief: Conversation with Linda Hayes

In requirements management, as in most development projects, testing tends to be the forgotten stepsister.

SOAP test: A guided tour

As developers look to SOAP-oriented Web services to do more, ensuring app quality becomes more difficult. Can test tool advances keep up?

Requirements required

Though much-maligned, requirements management becomes more important as IT turns to incremental development; effective communication still key to success.

Review: RMTrack

RMTrack provides a customizable ASP.NET system for bug-tracking in the browser. You can change everything right down to the workflow with ease.

Briefing: Integra Enterprise

Integra Enterprise is a testing tool for serious enterprise development. Version 4.0 introduces intelligent recording and Mercury TestDirector integration.

SPSS offers analytics via ASP model

Chicago-based firm to offer Web analytics tools in ASP, MSP and service bureau models.

IBM reaches security 'checkpoint'; champions SOA

Announcement of new support for Web services security across IBM's WebSphere infrastructure and Tivoli identity management middleware.

Q&A: Can your application handle the load?

With Jim Floyd, Compuware's QACenter Performance Edition product manager.

VoiceXML certification plan set

Pilot program the start of its effort to promote interoperability of voice applications.

Resources for Application Lifecycle Management

Check out these publications, tools, and community sites for additional information about application lifecycle management (ALM).

Parasoft's Brunell on SOAP implementation issues

Putting SOAP to the Web services test.

In Brief: Fiorano bus, Mindreef's SOAP tester, more

News briefs for the week of Septemer 2, 2003.

The contrarian view

The concept of a self-healing infrastructure is great, but how does that help the developer? Zohar Gilad maintains that the notion of on-demand or utility computing is "a more beautiful name for outsourcing."

Self-healing systems

IBM calls it autonomic, Microsoft calls it dynamic, Hewlett-Packard calls it adaptive -- if it works, developers may someday deploy their apps on “crashless grids” of computers.

Seapine eases road to development process

Compnay now shipping a new version of its TestTrack Pro, which is said to ease the effort required to bring process to software development projects.

Books in Brief: Managing Software Requirements: A Use Case Approach

Update tackles the problem of defining software requirements by outlining six key phases in defining a software system’s requirements.

CEO complacency blamed for bug incursion

Analysis of the recent wave of virus attacks.